L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A) 2376+ FOM Night Vision Device

Experience Superior Night Vision Performance with the L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A) 2376+ FOM. Designed for Professionals.

Unlock the ultimate in night vision technology with the L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A) 2376+ FOM. This cutting-edge binocular night vision device delivers unmatched optical performance in low-light and no-light conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Technology: Experience the power of 2376+ FOM Unfilmed White Phosphor technology, providing crystal-clear images in the darkest environments.
  2. Lightweight and Rugged: Crafted for demanding situations, this compact and ergonomic device is built to withstand tough conditions while ensuring comfort during extended use.
  3. Manual Gain Control: Fine-tune your night vision experience with manual gain control, adapting seamlessly to varying light conditions.
  4. Wide Field of View: Enhance your situational awareness with a wide field of view, critical for professionals in law enforcement, military, and more.

Elevate your night vision capabilities with the L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A) 2376+ FOM. Order yours today and gain the edge in low-light operations.

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L3 2376 min FOM Unfilmed White Phosphor, L3 2376 min FOM Unfilmed White Phosphor – Aviation grade